Stripe orders are translated into NetSuite Sales Orders and Customer Deposits. This enables you to use the NetSuite integration to help manage fulfillment and inventory tracking.

How orders work in Stripe

A Stripe order is similar to a Stripe invoice, but contains additional features for helping manage flows specific to physical or digital fulfillment. The Stripe Order API is part of Relay.

How orders are translated to NetSuite

There are many pieces to a Stripe order, here's how they are translated to NetSuite:

Stripe NetSuite
Stripe Order NetSuite SalesOrder
Stripe Order Items SalesOrder Line Items
Stripe Order's Charge NetSuite CustomerDeposit, applied against the created SalesOrder
Stripe SKU NetSuite InventoryItem or NonInventoryItem
Stripe Product Nothing. Only SKUs are translated to NetSuite.
Customer, Refund, Dispute, Coupon, etc All other records associated with a Stripe order leverage the standard translator functionality

You can override any of our standard translations by specifying a NetSuite record reference in Stripe metadata. This is especially helpful for item references, enabling you to use any item type which fits your specific business logic.

Some helpful tips:

  • A SalesOrder is not created until the Stripe order is paid
  • When an SKU is not shippable, a NonInventoryItem is used. This represents a digital good (eBook, MP3, etc) or other non-physical item.
  • A SKU can be associated with all available item types in NetSuite (AssemblyItems, KitItems, etc). This association will need to be provided when the item is created.
  • If the customer paid with a credit card, and the billing address was used to verify the card,  we will translate that address to NetSuite Customer's default billing address.
  • The integration is one-way: when a order is fulfilled in NetSuite the Stripe order is not updated.

Taxes and shipping

There are many different ways shipping and taxes can be represented on NetSuite Sales Orders. Your account can be customized to match many common approaches to handling shipping and taxes.

Integration with Shopify, Spree, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc

Direct integration with these systems is supported. Contact us for more details!

Auth-fulfill-capture or auth-capture-fulfill workflows

These flows are supported, but not through the Stripe Order API. Contact us for more details!