Customer Portal

SuiteSync adds a Customer Portal to NetSuite which customers can use to manage their account. You can include the Customer Portal link in PDFs, emails, or any other customer communication. This makes it easy for a customer to make a payment or manage their account at any time.

In some cases, you'll want to give customers the ability to send a payment without the payment being tied to a specific SalesOrder or Invoice. SuiteSync offers this ability through a customer account link which enables the customer to send a payment with a memo to their NetSuite account. There's also an optional feature available to automatically apply the payment to any open invoices on the customer's account.

Here's a short video walkthrough:

Here's an example of what this customer-facing page looks like (the business name, contact information, etc would be changed to match your account):

Customer Payment Form

There are some customization options that you can configure using query strings:

  • amount=10000 Specify the amount the payment form should default to in cents.
  • memo=Custom+memo Specify a default memo to be displayed to the customer.
  • billingAddress=true Require a billing address to process a payment
  • email=false Don't use the NetSuite email address in the Stripe-required email address field