Stripe & NetSuite Integration Development Resources

Here are some helpful links to help you with Stripe or NetSuite development.


Helpful Applications
  • Stunning. Dunning system that ties directly into Stripe subscriptions. Stripe will handle automatic retries on failing cards, this system handles reaching out directly to customers and offering them the ability to update their card.
  • ChurnBuster. Similar to Stunning.
  • BareMetrics Recover. Another alternative to Stunning/ChurnBuster.
  • AccountDock. Billing history for Stripe subscriptions that you can embed directly in your app. Allows customers to download PDF receipts.
  • BareMetrics. Easy SAAS metrics. They also have a great dunning system.
  • SAAS Optics. Another SAAS metrics solution.
  • Avalara. Tax calculation and payout management that works directly with Stripe Subscriptions.
  • DonorBox. Non-profit donation management powered by Stripe.
  • ChargeHound. Automatically fight fraud.
  • ProfitWell. SAAS metrics.
  • EmailHooks. Send emails based on Stripe events.


Example Applications