Getting started with the Stripe NetSuite Integration

Hi there! This guide is designed to give an overview of the integration and serve as a starting point for learning more.

The integration synchronizes Stripe data to NetSuite in real-time, automates manual cash reconciliation, and supports customized flows such as NetSuite's revenue recognition and eCommerce. SuiteSync pushes Stripe customers, invoices, payments, refunds, disputes, deposits, and more to NetSuite in real-time. This automates all income and cash entries in NetSuite, eliminating manual reconciliation and custom integrations.

Using SuiteSync, Your finance team saves hours each week (in many cases, each day) of manual accounting work and your engineering team can avoid building custom integrations, saving you months of development time and eliminating ongoing maintenance. SuiteSync has been battle tested by fast growing startups and publicly traded companies who are using Stripe and NetSuite.

Take a look at the "Workflows" area on the left hand side of the screen for more information about the most popular use-cases we support.

How to use this documentation

  • If you're part of the finance team, take a look at the accounting overview and take a look at how automated deposit reconciliation works.
  • If you're a project manager, take a look at the technical overview and accounting overview and then drop us an email ( to review your use case.
  • If you're a NetSuite developer or administrator, check out the technical overview and the webhook event mapping to get an idea of which events create or update records in NetSuite.
  • If you're a developer integrating Stripe, but are not familiar with NetSuite take a look at the integration examples. These provide quick examples of how to use the Stripe API with some of the integration's core features.
  • If you are looking for something very specific, use the search area on the top-left area of the screen to search all our documentation for the answer.


Email us at with any questions! There's lots of functionality that is not outlined in detail and reaching out with specific questions it the best way to see if the integration is a good fit.