Integrate Stripe's Fraud Detection with NetSuite

Stripe's fraud tools provide insight into why a charge was declined or will flag payments for review if they are considered risky. You can customize the rules that Stripe uses to make these determinations on your account.

If a charge is considered risky, SuiteSync pulls detailed risk information over to the NetSuite sale record. This enables automated or manual workflows to be developed in NetSuite to handle risky charges.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A charge is created in Stripe. Stripe marks it as having elevated fraud risk.
  2. The charge is associated with a SalesOrder, CashSale, or Invoice. In most cases, SuiteSync does this automatically.
  3. SuiteSync pulls the fraud summary to a field on the associated SalesOrder, CashSale, etc.
  4. Since the fraud information is added to a custom field, you can build manual or automated workflows when an order is possibly fraudulent.

Technical Details

Integrating Stripe’s fraud system into NetSuite does not require additional effort from your team. It is a turnkey integration that we enable in your account.

You can build NetSuite automation on top of the fraud information that is passed into NetSuite. Here are the technical details of how the integration works:

  • A summary of the fraud information is stored in a custom field created in your account with an ID of custbody_suitesync_fraud_message
  • If you are using the eCommerce workflow in combination with SalesOrders and CustomerDeposits, you can rely on the SalesOrder being marked as fraudulent before a CustomerDeposit is created. You can use the presence of a message on this field to build automated workflows.
  • If the risk level of a charge is "normal" or "high", fraud information is not added to the order. The custom field remains blank.
  • Charges with a "high" fraud level are declined which is why information is not passed to NetSuite. In most cases, a charge is declined during the checkout process, and the user will be notified immediately about the issue.
  • Fraud information is added to the SalesOrder, CashSale, or Invoice records. There is also support for CustomerDeposit or CustomerPayment records in some cases.
  • A clickable link can be added to NetSuite linking directly to the Stripe Dashboard. This enables your team to easily jump to Stripe to review the possibly fraudulent charge associated with an order.

Authorized payments (auth-capture)

If you are authorizing payments and capturing later on (using the auth-fulfill-capture workflow), fraud information can optionally be pulled onto the associated SalesOrder. This enables you to review possibly fraudulent orders before capturing the charge.

If you are using auth-capture the recommended workflow is to automatically place SalesOrders in the "Pending Approval" state if Stripe considers those orders to be fraudulent.