Real-time Events

Stripe transactions and other data is translated to NetSuite in real-time by events occurring in Stripe.

The table below details how various real-time events are handled by the integration. To learn what causes these events in Stripe, check out the Stripe webhooks documentation.

Stripe Event NetSuite Action
account.updated Nothing
account.application.deauthorized Nothing
account.external_account.created Nothing
account.external_account.deleted Nothing
account.external_account.updated Nothing
application_fee.created Nothing
application_fee.refunded Nothing
application_fee.refund.updated Nothing
balance.available Nothing
bitcoin.receiver.created Nothing. Bitcoin payments are translated into NetSuite on charge.succeeded.
bitcoin.receiver.filled Nothing.
bitcoin.receiver.updated Nothing.
bitcoin.receiver.transaction.created Nothing.
charge.captured A CustomerPayment is created. If Charge is associated with a Invoice or Order, a Invoice and Order is created as well. A Customer will also be created if the associated customer does not exist.
charge.failed Nothing. A charge is only translated if it is successful.
charge.refunded If the charge is associated with an Invoice or Order, a CreditMemo associated with the Invoice or SalesOrder will be created, and then a CustomerRefund associated with the CreditMemo will be created. If a charge is not associated with an Invoice or Order, then a CustomerRefund associated with the CustomerPayment will be created.
charge.succeeded Same as results as charge.captured.
charge.updated Same as charge.captured. Note that uncaptured charges will not be translated.
charge.dispute.closed Same as charge.dispute.funds_reinstated
charge.dispute.created Follows the same logic as charge.refunded.
charge.dispute.funds_reinstated Nothing. Reinstated funds are represented as a line item on the transfer they are included in.
charge.dispute.funds_withdrawn Same as charge.dispute.created
charge.dispute.updated Same as charge.dispute.created or charge.dispute.funds_reinstated depending on what was updated.
coupon.created Nothing. Coupons are only translated when associated with a Invoice, and are represented as a NetSuite DiscountItem.
coupon.deleted Nothing. The integration does not mark any records as inactive, or delete any records, in your NetSuite instance.
coupon.updated Same as coupon.created
customer.created A Customer is created in NetSuite
customer.deleted Nothing. The integration does not mark any records as inactive, or delete any records, in your NetSuite instance.
customer.updated Nothing. There is optional functionality available to update NetSuite customers with the latest Stripe data. Nothing Nothing Nothing
customer.source.created Nothing. We don't represent customer payment sources in NetSuite.
customer.source.deleted Nothing
customer.source.updated Nothing
customer.subscription.created Nothing. We don't represent customer subscriptions in NetSuite, we translated invoices created by customer subscriptions.
customer.subscription.deleted Nothing
customer.subscription.trial_will_end Nothing
customer.subscription.updated Nothing
invoice.created Nothing. Invoices are only translated to NetSuite once payment has been attempted.
invoice.payment_succeeded The customer and invoice is created in NetSuite. Each Stripe InvoiceItem is represented as a ServiceSaleItem in NetSuite. A CustomerPayment is applied against the created NetSuite Invoice.
invoice.payment_failed A customer and invoice is created in NetSuite. The invoice will remain open until it is paid.
invoice.updated The invoice is checked for updates that affect GL-impact and update NetSuite accordingly
invoiceitem.created Nothing.
invoiceitem.deleted Nothing.
invoiceitem.updated Nothing.
order.created Nothing. Orders are not translated over until they are paid.
order.payment_failed Nothing.
order.payment_succeeded A Sales Order is created, and a Customer Deposit is linked to the created Sales Order to represent the Stripe charge.
order.updated If status changes to canceled the Sales Order is closed. Otherwise, nothing is updated.
plan.created A ServiceSaleItem is created.
plan.deleted Nothing. Item status is not modified to avoid creating issues with business logic in your account.
plan.updated Nothing.
product.created Nothing. Products are not translated, only their child SKUs.
product.updated Nothing. There is optional functionality available to update NetSuite items with the latest Stripe SKU data.
recipient.created Nothing. Deprecated.
recipient.deleted Nothing. Deprecated.
recipient.updated Nothing. Deprecated.
sku.created If the parent product is shippable, a InventoryItem is created. Otherwise, a NonInventoryItem is created.
sku.updated Nothing.
transfer.created The transfer's underlying transactions are validated, but the transfer is not translated. Note that we do not translate connect transfers.
transfer.failed Nothing. Failed transfers are ignored.
transfer.paid The transfer's underlying transactions are validated, and if validation succeeds, a deposit is created in NetSuite.
transfer.reversed Nothing.
transfer.updated If the transfer has not been successfully translated, the transfer is translated.
ping Nothing